Friday, December 16, 2016

Snow, snuggles, time

Well the snow is falling at an ever-increasing rate as we prepare to tuck in for another Wisconsin winter weekend.  Due to the winter storm, we have not made any weekend plans which is an unusual gift for our family.  As I let my mind drift (not like that annoying snow drift gathering across my sidewalk) I stop to think what we might be able to do this weekend!  A living room covered in blankets draped haphazardly over furniture with books weighing down corners suddenly is conjured to mind with the sounds of Ryan and his sisters embarking on a sneaky mission in their "castle."  The smells of popcorn and cocoa meander through my psyche as I picture the family snuggled onto the couch to watch The Polar Express.  Oooh! Maybe a glass of wine for me instead of cocoa ;)  Hopes of cleaning the place up ahead of next week's party for my nephew (how can he be 16???) on Christmas Eve makes a significant exclamation in my mind.  Most of all I suddenly realize that time is a real gift. Time is an opportunity to explore the unknown and create adventures and experiences that you never expected but will be grateful to recall years down the line.  Time is that chance to love and breathe.  Time is moments that we sometimes have the unique opportunity to build into something greater. I can't wait to tell you what moments developed and what cherished memories occurred between now and the next entry.  May your weekend be full of warmth, safety, and memorable moments!  Here's your good news to give you a lift :

I'll Have My Burger With A Side Of Life Saving!
In Clemmons,  North Carolina a firefighter decided to have dinner at a local restaurant. What started out as dinner turned into a life saving mission!  The firefighter quickly began to notice that the patrons around him were exhibiting symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.  He was right in his assessment and called ambulances to take care of 32 people before they succumbed to the gas leak.

Grandpa is a Knitting Maniac

A grandpa in Georgia found out that people at his assisted living community were knitting tiny hats for premature babies at the local hospital.  He was inspired to join in.  This 86 year old had never knitted in his life but he was so moved to help these little babies and their families that he took on the challenge of learning.  Once he got going he just couldn't stop and inspired even more people to join i the efforts.  So many cute hats...

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