Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justin Bieber, Plumes of Ash and Odd Words (Oh My!)

And I’m back, at least for tonight. Why, after so long, am I back to my blog? Honestly? It is for totally self-serving purposes. Frankly I am just so desperate to hear some good news that I am going to find it for myself. And it will make me happy if it makes other people smile too.

You see, Madison WI is not the most relaxing place to live right now; at least not if you are politically inclined or aware. I am both. I am passionate about what’s going on. I am angry about what’s going on. I am worried about what’s going on. I am dumbfounded by what’s going on. And tonight, I am just plain tired of what’s going on. So, when I open Facebook and just about every post is about the ongoing fights, protests and political posturing I sigh and click out. I open the local news page: all about the fights. I open the national news page: all about the fights. I turn on the TV: more news and now commercials all about …well you get the picture.

So, let’s take a break and look beyond the Capitol dome. Let’s see find some things to smile about.

Justin Bieber Saves a Beaver?

Ok, well not exactly but something like that. This story does involve animals but I don’t know if the tree stump gnawing type is included. Justin Bieber fulfilled one of Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday “wishes” by presenting her with a lock of his recently cut (thank goodness, right?!) famous hair. Ellen put the lock of hair up for auction to benefit a local animal shelter that takes care of neglected animals. That little lock of tween-mania-inducing hair fetched $40,000 for the shelter!

Every Cloud, Even One That Is Made Up Of Oxygen Sucking Ash, Has a Silver Lining...

Remember that Volcano in Iceland that was such a nightmare for international travelers because planes can’t fly through giant plumes of ash? While the world watched mobs of people sleeping in airports, cursing the nation of Iceland and giggled as newscasters tried, unsuccessfully, to pronounce “Eyjafjallojokull”, environmental scientists were watching for a different reason. It turns out that the grounding of all those flights resulted in a significant reduction of greenhouse gasses those days. So while folks were huffing and puffing over missed flights, at least the air they were sucking was a little cleaner…

Hey Baby, Wanna Play a Little “Night Baseball?” (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Great googely moogelies! Crazy words can be fun. A new “dictionary” has been published that documents over one hundred years of slang from numerous English-speaking countries. Ranging from referring to sex as “bumping refrigerators” to expressing your surprise by yelling “Holy creeping Jesus,” Green’s Dictionary of Slang has just been published as the most robust compilation of slang to date. So get off your arse, hop into your 4 banger, zoom to the store and spend your cashola on this amusing read.